Outstanding Customer Service

ImageOften times as consumers and customers, we are met with lousy customer service. The person on the other end of the phone or in many cases a automated phone system just don’t have the interest or investment as an employee to make sure that the customer is helped. The customer isn’t always right, BUT they should be made to feel that they are.

I wanted to briefly share my experience with one of my vendors as a business, CloudAccess.net. They are a website hosting company that specializes in the Joomla platform. That part is not so important to the story, but what is important is that when you call in to their phone support they have a message that says “Please stand by to receive an insane amount of support” You know what… They deliver!

Yesterday I was having an issue with one of the websites they host for me. This issue was going to be happening on three of my sites so it was important that they solved it on the first one first. Their support engineer and I were one the phone for over an hour to get to the bottom of the issue. Never once did he do anything except make me feel like he was going to get to the bottom of our problem, fix it and make me feel good doing to.

Since this was not a simple fix, he had to get some additional support from his team. He asked me to hold while he did and check back with me often to let me know his progress.

After we solved the issue for the fist website, I sent him the materials to fix the other two sites. He did fix them in a timely manner. Send me an email saying that he was having a problem calling me to confirm they were fixed and then gave me his DIRECT EXTENSION to call him. He answered on the second ring and we had to work through another issue, however, he never once was anything but friendly, helpful and convincing that my problem was his problem.

Thank you to Taz and Jonathan at CloudAccess.net. Your support was truly insane because you did what you promised to do, fix my problem and as a customer I appreciate how you did it.


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