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Not Very Bright!

ImageAs I said in my last post, I am a member of a BNI Chapter in here in Mesa, AZ. We recently inducted a couple of new members into our chapter and look forward to meeting them, getting to know what they do…what kind of referrals are they looking for…how can I help them grow their business.

Problem is, it just doesn’t seem like one of the new members is serious, engaged, aware or ‘getting it.’ One of our commitments to the chapter when you are a member is that you will meet with the other members in a one-to-one situation. This is so you can really drill down and get your arms around what the other members do. What kind of person are they? What kind of business are they looking for? It is an incredibly important part of the membership process and an ongoing way to stay engaged with all of the other members.

So I engaged one of the new members and invited him to meet at a local coffee shop so I can get to know him. We were scheduled to meet at 2pm lat Friday afternoon.

2:05 no sign of him

2:10 nothing

So finally at 2:15 I called him to see where he was and much to mu surprise I got…”Oh I got busy. Sorry man,” That was it?

Now I understand that we all get busy and occasionally we may miss something, but why not say. I’m really sorry I wasted your time, how can I make it up to you? Can we reschedule, I’ll come to you…Let me make it up to you. Can I buy you lunch? Nope I got “Sorry man.”

So I was anticipating I would see him at our Tuesday morning meetings…Once a week we meet as a group to share, engage, learn and communicate with one another.

I was standing next to our president telling him about how the new guy blew me off on Friday. He then said to me…’Who do you think this is?’ He was showing me a text message from someone saying they wouldn’t make it…You’ll never guess who it was. OK, you probably did guess. The new guy. Out of the four weeks he has been a member this is the 2nd time he has missed the Tuesday morning meeting.

A text message. Not a call saying why…

So the three things I talked about in last week’s blog…Know me, Like me and Trust me…the building blocks of relationship building were ignored by the new member. How long before you think I will engage with him and help him grow his business? I’m guessing it will not be until there is some effort, commitment and awareness.

It just doesn’t seem that hard does it?



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